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Woman looking through her fingers with her hand in front of her eye.
Eye Care

Eye Exams Don’t Have to be Scary 

Want to hear something really scary? Forty percent of people at high risk for eye disease did not have an eye exam last year! That includes adults with diabetes, those with existing vision and eye problems, and seniors age 65 and older. That amounts to nearly 93 million adults in the US, or about 4 in 10. 

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Cataract Surgery Replacement Lens (IOL)

What to Expect from Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery presents a unique opportunity to enhance your vision and potentially reduce your reliance on glasses. In this article, we’ll explore the various options available for vision correction during cataract surgery and what you can expect from the procedure.

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Senior woman holding eye shield over left eye during eye exam
Eye Care

The Eye Doctor’s Guide to Healthy Vision 

Sight is universally considered our most valued sensory experience. Most people acknowledge that good vision is essential to function well in today’s world. But what exactly is ‘healthy vision’? A good place to start may be to describe what healthy vision is NOT in order to recognize the visual warning signs that should never be ignored.

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Grey haired man wearing glasses searching for information on Macular Degeneration on a laptop computer
Macular Degeneration

Are You at Risk for Macular Degeneration?   

Macular degeneration is a non-curable but highly treatable eye disease affecting mostly seniors over age sixty. Dry and wet versions of the disease target nerve cells in the retina and can destroy the clear central vision used for reading and detailed tasks. If you are concerned about macular degeneration, talk to your eye doctor about your risks during an annual comprehensive exam.

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Older Man Driving Onvertable

What Age Should You Stop Driving? 

If your senior years are rapidly approaching – or whizzing by in the rear-view mirror – you might fear renewing your Florida driver’s license. Especially if your vision or driving habits have changed.  Patients are often anxious when it comes time to renew their driver’s license, admits Dr. S Rana, Board-Certified ophthalmologist for St Lucie

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Woman with Glaucoma shares her story

My Glaucoma Story

What’s it like to live with sudden vision changes from glaucoma? Guest author and long-term patient of St Lucie Eye, Sue-Ellen Sanders describes her recent journey with glaucoma treatment and trabeculectomy surgery.

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Man holding eyeglasses

CONGRATULATIONS! You qualify for life-changing cataract surgery.

Vision changes from cataracts impact personal safety and wellbeing. The best time for surgery is when cataracts negatively impact quality of life, or glasses and contacts are no longer effective. On average, patients delay cataract surgery five years longer than necessary. That’s five years of needless struggle with limitations of poor vision.

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Woman with mask getting dilation drops at eye exam

Is it Safe to go to the Eye Doctor?

Because many serious eye conditions begin without a noticeable change in vision, it’s vital to have a regular, dilated eye exam every year” says Dr. S. Rana, board certified ophthalmologist with St Lucie Eye in Port St Lucie, FL.

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