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Stylish grandma wearing festive sweater and putting on sunglasses.
Dry Eye

Winter Is Here and Dry Eyes Are Coming to Town

Dry eyes are more common than we think. With winter knocking on our door, many of us may notice the effects of the colder season on our eyes.  There are several factors that come into play.  The combination of cold dry air combined with increased indoor heating can make eyes feel as dry as grandma’s fruit cake. 

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Young man sitting at computer with eyes closed, rubbing eyes due to eye strain.
Eye Care

Slay the (Eye) Strain

Digital eye strain occurs when viewing electronic devices like computers, cellphones and tv’s for long periods. Digital screens emit significant amounts of blue light, short wavelengths on the color spectrum that scatter freely and are not easily focused. This creates a visual “noise” of low contrast that contributes to strain.    

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