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The only way we can sort out whether reduced vision is a matter of a simple eyeglass adjustment or some other problem is to perform a REFRACTION. This measures the eyes' focusing ability. This is the familiar "better one or two" part of the exam where you look at the eye chart through the PHOROPTER. (pictured below).

The rest of the eye exam, THE MEDICAL EYE EXAM, determines if there are other disorders or conditions causing difficulties. Both the MEDICAL EYE EXAM AND THE REFRACTION ARE ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TO FULLY EVALUATE THE HEALTH OF YOUR EYES AND THE VISUAL SYSTEM. Why am I being charged a "REFRACTION FEE"?

Medicare and most other insurers will not pay for this vital part of the eye exam and will only reimburse for THE MEDICAL EYE EXAM component. The REFRACTION component has been made the patient's responsibility.

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